Monday, November 18, 2019

MANAGERIAL TRAITS AND SKILLS Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

MANAGERIAL TRAITS AND SKILLS - Dissertation Example The trait of being self-confident and tolerant to stress plays a very important role to be creative and tactfully handle situation. Dominant nature of the individual helps to lead a team and organise managerial activities in his/her own way of working. The trait of being ambitious facilitates the process of achievement of certain task for the leader. As a researcher how would you establish if those traits are fundamental to the effectiveness of the leader? A leader should have the traits within to be successful in the implementation process. An informative leader has the capability to understand the methods and the processes to manage the technical aspects of the managerial activities for the different organisational units. The conceptual skill of the person grows the creativity and foresight involves in the process of judgment and manage critical situation in the organization. The interpersonal skill of an individual helps to understand the human behaviour or any processes and take decision according to the motives of the others and will be able to communicate with the surroundings. These are the traits required by a person to be a successful leader in the long run. Reference Changing (2011). Trait Theory.

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