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Women forced into prostitution Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Women forced into prostitution - Research Paper Example Research in many parts of the world has shown that women are most usually tricked into a life of prostitution and servitude. It is a life no one wants, for it brings shame, disrespect and dishonor not only to the woman concerned but also her family (Troubnikoff, 27). In fact, few self respecting individuals would want to associate with her. Not only does prostitution affect her physically, but women are also shown to have mental and psychological effects from these experiences. She cannot and usually does not marry, and in fact carries in her heart a lifelong hatred and disregard for men, especially those who have enticed or tricked her into this sordid way of life. Discussion History calls prostitution one of the oldest professions known to women. But how did women come to know the effect that their beauty had on men? Most likely it was the man who was enticed by her beauty and wanted to sleep with her. Scientists have maintained that men and women are attracted to very different th ings when it comes to love. For the man, it is almost always the physical attributes of a woman that are more attractive. For the woman, they say that she is more captivated by the nature of a man. This shows that men can be attracted in an instant, while women only after getting to know the nature of the person they prefer. Love poems and songs that speak of a woman’s smile, hair, eyes, smoothness of skin and body etc are almost always written by the male sex. In fact the whole cosmetic and fashion industry are based on this premise (Perkins, 12). The world loves both handsome men and beautiful women. They are the stuff of dreams and everyone wants to possess them or be close to them. A woman can be forced into prostitution for many reasons. Chief among them are economic reasons. If despite her education and upbringing, she cannot get a job to make ends meet or enough to support her parents and other siblings, then she may be forced to get into prostitution, especially if sh e is poor. However in places like Thailand and India, the truth is often worse. We find people who can entice even parents to part with one of their daughters under the guise of gainful employment in the city (Lim, 15). Unbeknown to them, once she is under his control, she is usually shipped off to the red light areas in busy cities and forced to please men and satisfy their sexual desires and perversions (Flowers, 80). She cannot communicate with her parents. Usually someone else even begins sending false letters to her family back home saying that she is doing fine. Then the letters stop under the pretext of finding another job etc. In this way she becomes a money-making machine for her paramour, pimp and madam, doing all the work while earning nothing in exchange. To avoid suspicion sometimes, human traffickers even send home some money in the beginning just to placate her family. Later on this is stopped as well as the communication (Cundiff, 2). We also have cases where playboy types get a girl to love them and then reveal their true identity as pimps after she has given up her body to them. It can start with the boy, lead to his friends, and finally when she is used to the money and the lifestyle, she is forced to join the sex industry by such created circumstances. At this point usually she has nowhere else to go and cannot tell anyone because of the shame she feels. As she gets used to this life and its demands, she learns to please and entice men. It becomes a game and a profession for her, just like any other (Carpenter, 18). Research has indicated that prostitution has a deep and lasting impact on women, especially those who have been tricked into this profession. They cannot

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