Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Marketing Final Exam :: brand image for country

Q1. Asian nations are beginning to brand themselves. Considering the country you researched this semester, propose a strategy to create a brand image for the particular country. Based on your knowledge about the country, what might be the biggest three challenges of executing your strategy and how might they be addressed? Brand Image: Sri Lanka – The Southern Asian Dynamic This brand image for Sri Lanka would be an accurate depiction because of the increase in change the country is always experiencing. Sri Lanka has plans in place for future national development to help better the country, with the help and use of humanitarian support from ally countries. Their national development plan also includes Sri Lanka is also known for their quality in exported goods. The quality of goods exported from Sri Lanka tends to be of a higher quality. Above all, Sri Lanka has a great human development rate, which means that the labor force has the potential to be powerful. A strategy I would use to create this brand image would be to promote and advertise the quality of the goods produced in their home country. Promotion for planned national development would also be carried out. The advertising and promotions would take place to target countries that would benefit from importing goods from Sri Lanka. The brands or goods that are exported promote the country and contribute to creating the desired brand. The country (its’ government) needs to promote the brands of goods being exported also. While Sri Lanka has the potential to be powerful, challenges could stand in the way of executing a marketing strategy. Building a brand for a product is not the same as building a brand for a country. A country would need to leverage all of their unique and positive qualities in order to be able to successfully promote themselves the way they plan to. If the government places strict laws on exporting goods, this could hurt the marketing strategy of promoting the country as a brand as well. Another challenge would be that the political violence in Sri Lanka could hurt the creation of the brand image. Countries who would like to import goods from Sri Lanka may see the political violence as an issue that they would prefer to steer clear of. Q2. In which category of innovations do microwaves fall in India? As VP of White Appliances, how would you use the knowledge about the five characteristics of innovations to facilitate quicker diffusion of the product?

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